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I’m De'Anna Liz,

Visionary, Poet, Dreamer, Believer, Philanthropist! I am De'Anna Liz an Afro-Latina standing proudly at 5' 2” with measurements 34-26-40. Originally from the quiet parts of New York with the artsy mind of the city streets. I am a model who graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Sports/Event/ Entertainment Management with minors in Psychology and Marketing.

Creating my own lifestyle involved being at peace with my mind, body and soul. Growing up and struggling with weight issues helped me to embrace my purpose and create a better relationship with myself and God. I pray & meditate on a daily basis to feed the mind. Fitness is a developing lifestyle where I work out at least 4 times a week to feed my body. Ultimately, I've learned to love myself and the skin I'm in. Developing the mind is a crucial part in becoming the person you desire to be. I love to read books and magazines tailored toward my career to stretch and challenge my thinking.

Developing a strong foundation of basic knowledge has helped me put my own personal touch on my career.

Poetry, Music, and of course Fashion are my passions. I have been featured in several magazines such as Rolling Out, Midwest Magazine, It’s My Hair Magazine, Woman and Shoes Magazine, and Honey Be Magazine. I have participated in a few fashion shows such as Walk Fashion Show & Battle of the Arts Fashion. My presence has been in Atlanta hosting events, media & red carpet appearances and yes tapping into acting.

I believe that my purpose is bigger than me. I have goals to empower, uplift, and inspire other women of all ages. Every day I wake up I am constantly looking for ways to make an impact. I am interested in working with those who want to make a difference and impact the world. The world is my canvas and my work is a mosaic of my soul. Fashion, poetry, modeling, and musicare the paint brushes of choice!

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Our Workshops aim to help you understand, take charge of and take responsibility of your own mental health.

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When we know what to say and what to do, we can be the difference for someone who may be experiencing a mental health.

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Our programs will feature a non-traditional approach that we have demonstrated, and we know from firsthand knowledge that it works.

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